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Change Is In The Air

by Kelly.Herrell on ‎04-30-2013 07:23 AM (1,513 Views)

It must be Spring; news is blooming everywhere.

This week there is a lot of coverage about Brocade’s On-Demand Data Center strategy. For that matter, the last three weeks have also held a lot of news on the topic of data centers and networking, including news from the 3,000-attendee OpenStack Summit and 2,000-attendee Open Networking Summit. Clearly there’s change in the air.

With change comes opportunity, and also challenge. The industry is not short on the hype that attends change, but the hangover from the hype is also true as customers begin to realize what’s real today and what’s not - a.k.a. Gartner’s “trough of disillusionment.” This is where Brocade is unique with a strategy that unites the physical and virtual infrastructure environment, and balances forward-leaning technologies with pragmatic approaches to usability and adoption.

A very large part of Brocade’s strategy is seen in the increasing investment we’re making in software across the board. There is a powerful industry dynamic I’ve written about here, and Brocade is very bold in this pursuit of software as a natural complement to physical networking hardware.

The advantages and role of software in the emerging data center address three major customer needs:

  1. Multitenancy: We unveiled the next version of our virtual router (now called the Brocade Vyatta vRouter), with its continued march to maintain its undisputed market-leading position. The ability to segment and secure traffic between virtual machines from within the servers themselves is increasingly necessary as application density per server grows. Also important for those subsets of the data center belonging to a single tenant is the ability to load-balance across VMs, so Brocade is proud to announce the Virtual ADX, the virtual machine version of our load balancer.
  2. Orchestration: Brocade’s engagement with OpenStack is growing quickly. With the plug-in to our VCS Fabric technology, we are also announcing that we will have plugins for the Vyatta vRouter and Virtual ADX. This increases the usability of open, software-based infrastructure orchestration.
  3. Controller: The news came out two weeks ago that Brocade is a platinum member of the OpenDaylight Project, the open-source software development project creating an industry-neutral SDN controller. Our commitment here is strong, including Brocade’s current position as chair of the Technology Steering Committee.

At the end of the day the tone coming from Brocade is increasingly “open” and “software,” which are powerful complements to our industry-leading hardware products. This is a strong power-move forward for customers, enabling them with advanced, modern technologies that are coupled with a pragmatic and evolutionary approach to SDN.

The data center network is increasingly On-Demand. Keep watching this space; the news has only begun…