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Brocade and OpenStack: Innovation unleashed

by Sandeep.Singh.Kohli on ‎04-30-2013 05:50 AM (1,278 Views)

I am very excited today about Brocade's announcement of its continued commitment to OpenStack and of its delivery of solutions to our customers that need Open, Agile and Scalable Cloud networking architectures. And to help us get started off with a bang, we announced that seamless OpenStack integration is now available for Brocade VCS Fabrics:


Having worked with other SDN solutions as well, I have come to realize the importance of building a strong partner ecosystem upfront. Thankfully, Brocade has done a great job of partnering with the Best in class OpenStack vendors such as RackSpace, Red Hat and Piston Cloud. In fact, we have none other than Jim Curry, the GM of RackSpace Private Cloud (also the co-founder of OpenStack) discuss the value proposition.



Earlier this month at the OpenStack summit, I was on this panel moderated by Lew Tucker with fellow networking vendors and we discussed business models around Quantum (now called Networking Service). One thing that was clear was the usefulness of Quantum having both a pluggable and an extensible architecture that ensures that vendors could not only write extensions onto the framework where innovation is happening at the core but could also write plugins for their platform specific innovations and thus enhance their platform IP while contributing to the overall acceleration of innovation. Brocade does both to provide maximum value to our end customers. Our own Didier Stolpe does a great job of explaining this in this video with me.




But wait, there is more! This excitement is sure to continue: in addition to these solutions, we are also working on OpenStack solutions for FC SAN, Virtual ADX, ADX and Brocade Vyatta vRouter