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Brocade Vyatta Network Operating System and Amdocs Simplify and Accelerate NFV Deployments

by LakshmiSharma on ‎10-11-2016 09:06 AM (7,046 Views)

According to a recent article on Light Reading, there continues to be a lot of uncertainty how service providers will solve the OSS/BSS aspects of NFV deployments.  In order to efficiently deploy NFV technologies, OSS/BSS integration with NFV technologies must be solved.  This is the primary reason Brocade and Amdocs are working together to develop a joint solution that helps solves OSS/BSS and NFV in a simplified solution that will accelerate deployments and adoption of NFV.


The joint Brocade & Amdocs solution includes the Brocade Vyatta Network Operating System and the Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator.  The solution is pre-integrated and provides an easy way for you to  onboard third party virtual network functions (VNFs) from Brocade and other third-parties.  It will help you to significantly reduce NFV deployments from many months to only a few weeks.


Brocade Vyatta Network OS


A Complete Services Platform for Multiple Use Cases

At the heart of the joint solution is the Vyatta Network Operating System which provides a number of benefits including:

  1. Offers a software only ‘platform’ with all integrated services required for an enterprise branch. This is a complete platform for innovation of services, much more than just a “virtualized router” or “virtualized firewall”.
  2. Simplifies the migration from VNF to vCPE platform without the need to learn new platforms and with minimal to no changes in integrating with existing automation and OSS/BSS systems.
  3. Provides standard interfaces such as APIs, Netconf, and CLI to onboard any third party VNF’s onto the platform. It also provides the ability to service chain third party VNFs and services.
  4. Provides a complete solution that addresses Branch connectivity and services for Service Providers’. It provides the platform for vCPE and SD-WAN.
  5. A Branch solution that gives Enterprises and Service Providers “more” services for “less” – do much more with a lot less ‘real estate’ consumption.

Building on a Commitment to Open

Keeping in line with Brocade’s strategy and support for Openness and standards based software solutions, this platform follows an open hardware strategy. Open hardware enables:

  1. The same software and licensing model works across range of Branch sizes; micro, small, medium and large. This covers processors like Intel Xeon, Atom and Arm – again, all through same software.
  2. The same software base, Vyatta Network Operating System, can be used in ALL implementation scenarios including: distributed vCPE deployments and cloud based vCE offerings for FWaaS, NATaaS, and VPNaaS.

This strategy enables Service Providers to “Bring their own hardware” along with the software offering. This will help create new revenue streams for the Service Providers, similar to the models Cloud Service Providers leverage successfully today.

Similar to ‘no vendor’ lock-in on hardware side, the Platform is designed to offer standard and open interfaces, such as Netconf and Yang, on the northbound side.  This helps service providers to differentiated by offering easy and standardized way to integrate with third party Service Orchestrators, such as Amdocs (who also follows a policy of open network integrator).


Brocade and Amdocs Collaboration Results in Readily Available and Pre-Integrated Solutions

Amdocs, through its Network Cloud Service Orchestrator (NCSO) and the Brocade SDN Controller (BSC), seamlessly integrates the OSS/BSS system with the Vyatta Network OS. Amdocs has been able to leverage its existing automation and intelligence of the Brocade vRouter to migrate to the Vyatta Network OS with virtually no new training, knowledge or rewriting of APIs.  The joint solution is in alignment with the ETSI-MANO framework as depicted in the graphic below.

Amdocs and Brocade NFV Blueprint



The combined solution provides many benefits including:

  • Reducing operational complexity and costs, with a single vCPE solution.
  • Simplifying the creation and roll out of new, revenue-generating branch services.
  • Creating end-to-end services that are automatically tied into existing operational systems (OSS/BSS).
  • Bridging the gap between traditional and more flexible IT and cloud environments to maximize investments.
  • Offering a broad ecosystem of third party vendors that can optimize service differentiation and monetization.

The Brocade and Amdocs collaboration resulted in readily available and pre-integrated solutions with flexible deployment models for any market segment or service, any topology (centralized, distributed or both) and any scale.


Bringing a Joint Solution to Life Within Days

The Brocade and Amdocs integration for end to end service configuration and orchestration was made possible across teams distributed across four timezones and five continents using simple documentation on models and Netconf APIs with very little hand off.


The solution was brought to life within days because these Brocade and Amdocs is focused on building solutions that are open and not proprietary.  This promotes a healthy and operationally feasible ecosystem of vendors that make SDN and NFV integration real for NFV deployments.  These charateristics will enable you to simplify and accelerate your NFV deployments. 


For additional information on Brocade Vyatta Network OS, please visit Brocade Vyatta Network Operating System.