Brocade Vyatta Controller – 1.2 now available

by lcaywood on ‎03-19-2015 08:51 AM (11,975 Views)

The Brocade Vyatta Controller is a continuous-build distribution of the OpenDaylight controller. With the Brocade controller, we’ll be issuing dot releases approximately every 6 weeks to provide our users new features and bug fixes as they are accepted by the OpenDaylight Project. Whenever you download the Brocade Vyatta Controller, you’ll be getting the latest Brocade package; previous releases are maintained on MyBrocade. Our 1.2 release primarily includes the Helium SR2 package. This is mostly bug fixes.


While I’m at it, I wanted to clarify my answer to a question asked at Networking Field Day 9: Ivan Pepelnjak asked about the composition of the Brocade controller, as he’d noted that not all sub-projects are mentioned in the Brocade documentation. This is because, although we work with the entirety of the OpenDaylight Project as I indicated during the session, there are several sub-projects that are very new and are not fully fleshed out and operational as yet. Therefore those projects are not officially supported within our distribution. We work within the Project to help mature these features, and as they become operationally viable and can be supported in a quality-assured package, they will be officially incorporated.