Brocade SDN Controller 1.4 Collective Release is now available

by lcaywood on ‎06-24-2015 11:56 AM (6,609 Views)

The Brocade SDN Controller continues to make rapid advances, technologically and commercially.  At the Big Telecom event in Chicago last week, Light Reading presented awards in 24 categories; the Brocade Controller won the Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy category. In addition, AT&T's Domain 2.0 architecture won the Most Innovative SDN Deployment category. The Brocade SDN controller has been described as "the brains" of the AT&T's Network on Demand service, which is built on Domain 2.0 and has been rolled out to over 100 markets.


Now the Brocade SDN Controller (formerly Brocade Vyatta Controller), including Helium stability release 3, is now available for download, with several new features.  This release of the Brocade Vyatta Controller introduces:


  • Support for the BGP-PCEP extension as a way to instantiate paths into the underlying network
  • Support for the No Flood Mode extension of the Host Tracker, which gets the locations of hosts in the network and gathers information about the traffic flowing to a host
  • Support for OpenJDK
  • Installer enhancements for automatically detecting Java installations
  • Minor updates to and defect resolutions for the controller installation script
  • Support for Brocade MLX Series, Release 5.8

Red Hat has also certified the ODL Neutron plug-in included in the Brocade distribution in their most recent OpenStack distribution.


The 1.4 Collective Release includes Brocade SDN Controller 1.3.3 along with the BGP and Host Tracker files, as well as the Path Explorer 1.2 and Vyatta EMS 1.2 applications. You can download the 1.4 Collective Release for free here for 5 nodes, with 60 days of free support.