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frame count & perf data - Enc Out?????

I ran a report that shows an attached server with blue highlighted Enc Out number of 2.2g.  What is that?  It's the only questionable item in the report...  Thank you in advance!

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Re: frame count & perf data - Enc Out?????

Hi kevin.wills,

Enc Out refers to encoding errors outside of FC frames.  You can see Enc Out in the output from porterrdump on your switch.  You can also see the switch's definition of Enc Out by running "help porterrdump" on the switch.  If you want even more details, please see the FOS Command Reference Manual for your specific version of FOS.  Hope this helps!



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Re: frame count & perf data - Enc Out?????

can this enc out count can be ignored while doing  a performance analysis?

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Re: frame count & perf data - Enc Out?????


you have raised questions on three other threads and I assume that you have some other questions regarding ENC_OUT.

It is useful if you open your own thread releated to your own specific issue or questions. I would call it hijacking of a thread ;-)

By the way all these threads were very old....


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