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SAN Health Utility

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SAN health utility caused switch panic

Recently, we ran the SAN health utility and during the run two of our 200E switches panicked.  From the logs, it looks like the flash memory filled up.  Luckily, after the switches rebooted themselves they came back up.  However, I'm concerned now about running the utility again.  We've never had this problem in the past.  But we did recently upgrade our switches to firmware 6.2.0 and we upgraded to DCFM 10.3.0.  Since the upgrades, we keep getting these flash memory errors on all of our 200E switches (but not the 300 switches).  We continually have to run "Supportsave -R" to clear the flash memory issues on the 200E switches.

Has anyone run into this before?  Is there a way to run the health utility to minimize flash memory impact?

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Re: SAN health utility caused switch panic

Hi khutchi3,

The SAN Health team has not heard of any issues like this.  Can you write to us at SAN Health Admin and give us some more details (including version of SAN Health used, history, etc.) and the logs that you mention.  We'd like to look at this right away.



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Re: SAN health utility caused switch panic

This is really strange, try 3.2.0/3.2.1.

Also check DCFM version.

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