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Required SNMP configuration

Hi, I want to configure SNMP in my Brocade SW200E. Is it possible to generate a IO which will effect my production (existing LUN) environment due to snmp trap generation. Or is it possible to generate any bottleneck in my SAN.

Any input should be appreciatable.

Kernel:     2.4.19    
Fabric OS:  v5.2.0a
Made on:    Thu Oct 5 21:12:17 2006
Flash:     Wed Apr 4 14:34:03 2007
BootProm:   4.5.3


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Re: Required SNMP configuration

SNMP configuration will not hamper any SAN switch services running. It only send the traps/events generated in the switch to the NMC(Network managment console) you have configured as a trap destination.

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Re: Required SNMP configuration


some FOS version have SNMP memory leaks which ends up in reboots.

Speacilly if you run snmp queries to get port statistics, Some management tools are doing this.

In older versions like the 5.x and early 6 versions had these SNMP issues. In newer version 6.4 the SNMP deamon can restart without rebooting the switch.

I had this seen very often that switches reboots due to SNMP memory leaks.


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