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SAN Health Utility

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File error: data may have been lost.

I emailed this to the San Health team, but maybe more people have run into this:<!graemlin::)>

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Re: File error: data may have been lost.

On the Excel opening error - I believe that this is related to the images that are in the report and that you may have a combination on your workstation that does not allow these images to come up (they were originally pasted into the report template as GIFs to save space).(From the view menu - select custom properties - then click on any of the devices on the Visio diagram, as the switch and devices are grouped this will select the group, click a second time and the individual device will be selected - the device properties, including the zoning info will now be displayed in the custom properties window.)

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Re: File error: data may have been lost.

Did any final solution come from this problem.Peter

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