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SAN Health Utility

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Enc out

Hi folks,

i just got back my SAN Heath report and i'm seeing a lot of host with high " ENC out". Can you give me some advise on what is going on. Do i need to put special options on my hosts. This is a new SAN. Hosts are just being added. All new equipement.

Je viens juste de recevoir mon rapport SAN HEALTH et je vois beaucoup de hosts avec des "Enc out" élévé. Est-ce que quelqu'un peux me dire se qui se passe. Le SAN est nouveau et les Hosts viens d'etre ajouter. Tous les switchs et SAN sont nouveau.

Merci,  Thanks

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Re: Enc out

ENC out points towards the cable, SFP or any media related things mainly, cables

Do a portstatsclear on all the ports, where ENC out error is there and again see the portstatsshow , if it is increasing, change the media e.g cable, then SFP and then may be HBA

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Re: Enc out

what it turn out to be the cause in your case?

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