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configure vlan in core switch and assign port in access switch

dear  all:


i am new in brocade i have exprince in cisco switches i have CCNP certificate


i need your help


i have create 1 vlan in core switch and when i assign the port under the vlan 

is not working 


Core switch (RX-16)

i create vlan 60 name test_vlan


vlan 60 name test-vlan
tagged ethe 1/7 to 1/8 ethe 1/14 to 1/15 ethe 1/21 to 1/23 ethe 9/1 to 9/24 ethe 10/1 to 10/24 ethe 11/1 to 11/24 ethe 12/1 to 12/24 ethe 13/1 to 13/24 ethe 14/1 to 14/24 ethe 15/1 to 15/24 ethe 16/1 to 16/24   here Trunk port Fiber
router-interface ve 60
no spanning-tree


interface ve 60
port-name Test vlan by abdullah
ip address


Access Switch( FWX)

vlan 60 name test-vlan by port
tagged ethe 0/1/1 to 0/1/2                      here is trunk port  Fiber
untagged ethe 0/1/19
no spanning-tree



please correct me if am wrong 


when i assign ip in my pc i could not ping to core switch 


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Re: configure vlan in core switch and assign port in access switch



is you question to OpenScript or Switch Type / Model related ?


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