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ADX health check script


Our customer previously used Cisco devices with TCL scripting. Can we use ADX for the following?:

Example 1:  the server marked as live if, during th health check server sends back a reply, containing the right first 20 byte.

Example 2:  the server  sends back a reply, containing the right first 20 byte, than reads the next 5 bytes and translate to a number. If this number is higher than some predefined number, than the server is marked active.


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Re: ADX health check script

Hey Akorobko,



You can accomplish something very similar to this using a match-list but I believe the limitation is checking for a string and or status code. Openscript is unable to be used to healthcheck for actually being available for the pool. What you can possibly do is do an if statement and forward to a group with that server in it based on a check.





http match-list MATCH-ONLINE-OFFLINE
  default down
  up simple ONLINE
  down simple OFFLINE

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