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rfs6000 question.

Greetings all,


I'm running a trial of OpenDNS Umbrella. I've been trying to apply policies to a single user and it works without problems in our wired network. It doesn't work with the same user in the wireless network.


In windows I see the login information in the windows event log with IP address and machine name for the wired user but not for wireless users. That's the information OpenDNS uses to tie the policy to the user.


For wireless, I only see authentication requests from the rfs6000 to the server with the username of the person authenticating through the captive portal.


I wanted to post here in hopes that someone may have stumbled upon somethinglike this.


Is there a way to pass the client information from the RFS to windows when a user authenticates?


We called our network specialists but they think it can't be done.


Thanks for your time!



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Re: rfs6000 question.

Hello Ermos,


I see you posted the question about 1 month ago.  Are you still having issue with OpenDNS integration?

What are the main network protocol requirements between OpenDNS and RFS?


With WiFi in general, there are typically three popular methods of WLAN Authentication:

1.  PSK

2.  801.x/EAP

3. captive portal


There are other less secure methods like MAC, ACL, as well and can be used in combination of the above.


Item #2 and #3 can be authenticated against an internal or external Radius or LDAP server.





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Re: rfs6000 question.

Thank you RH,


Sorry to comeback to this after so long.


What I ended up doing is configuring OpenDNS to look at the subnet.


OpenDNS uses logs from Windows to map names to addresses. Since the RFS is doing authentication with a captive portal on behalf of users I only see a request from the RFS in the Windows log.


The RFS also handles I had to resort to watching IP addresses only.



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