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WIFI Hotspot Configuration

we are having BrocadeRFS6000 controller in our office. we need to configure WIFI hotspot in that controller. Please guide me how to do this configuration

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Re: WIFI Hotspot Configuration


This is a resume of what you need to do, to configure a HotSpot

1) In the Web-UI select Network > Wireless LANs > Configuration. In the Wireless LANs list highlight a WLAN you wish to use for Hotspot authentication on then click Edit.

2) In the WLAN Edit window, enter a ESSID name and Description for the Hotspot enabled WLAN. Specify the VLAN ID where a Virtual IP Interface is assigned. The VLAN must have a virtual IP address assigned for Hotspot capture, redirection and authentication to occur. Under Authentication select Hotspot then click Config.

3) In the Hotspot window select the Hotspot type Internal (default). Optionally: 1) Modify the Title Text, Header Text and Footer Text for the internal Login, Welcome and Failed pages. 2) Specify a Small Logo URL and Main Logo URL. This will add logos to the Internal Hotspot pages. 3) Check the option Use System Name in Hotspot URL. This will substitute the RF Switches Hotspot virtual IP address with the switches hostname in the URL presented to the Hotspot users web browser. 4) Specify the number of Hotspot Simultaneous Users. This option will determine the maximum number of simultaneous Hotspot users that can connect to the Hotspot WLAN. 5) Enable Logout On Browser Close. This option will de-authenticate the Hotspot user upon closing their web browser. Click OK.

4) In the WLAN Edit window click RADIUS. In the RADIUS configuration window specify a Primary RADIUS Server Address. If using the integrated RADIUS server on the RF Switch, the Primary RADIUS Server Address should be set to the virtual IP address you assigned to the management VLAN. Specify your RADIUS Shared Secret then click OK.

5) In the Wireless LANs list highlight the Hotspot WLAN you just created then click Enable. If manual mapping of WLANs is disabled, the Hotspot WLAN will be automatically mapped to all adopted radios on the RF Switch. If manual mapping of WLANs is enabled, you will need to specify which Radios support the Hotspot WLAN by clicking Network > Access Port Radios > WLAN Assignment.

6) Apply and save the changes to the startup-config by clicking Save.



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