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Viavi xSIGHT TSS, Powered by Brocade for Real-Time Customer Assurance

by scottlh ‎06-28-2016 03:00 AM - edited ‎06-28-2016 10:01 AM (7,033 Views)

On June 28th, Brocade and Viavi announced a joint customer assurance solution that combines the Viavi xSIGHT Targeted Subscriber Search with the Brocade Packet Broker and Brocade Session Director.  The joint solution was built to solve a specific challenge a tier 1 mobile operator was experiencing – reduce the amount of time required to do end-to-end subscriber traces.  These traces are used to help identify the cause of adverse network conditions and provide targeted subscribers with a higher level of service quality.  The Viavi xSIGHT TSS and Brocade joint solution has successfully reduced subscriber trace times from hours to minutes.  This changes the game for network operations as they can now quickly gain access to subscriber traces while the subscriber is on the phone, something not possible with existing solutions.


The existing process to obtain an end-to-end subscriber trace was extremely long and manual.  A subscriber would call into the network operations center with a problem – this could be a specific application they were trying to access or anything service related.  The network operations team did not have the service assurance capabilities to start a end-to-end trace on that subscriber in real-time.  Instead, the tracing request would be sent to another group where a lengthy manual process would occur to try to understanding what is creating the problem for the subscriber.  Eventually, the trace would be complete, but not for hours.  In fact, the average end-to-end subscriber trace takes roughly six hours.  The trace data obtained after 5 hours may or may not be useful since network conditions have likely changed.  This has led to a lot of frustration in network operations since it was difficult to do their job effectively.  They simply didn’t have the data and thus, information to rectify the subscriber problems.  The xSIGHT TSS, powered by Brocade Packet Broker and Brocade Session Director changes this.


xSIGHT TSS, Powered by Brocade

The Viavi and Brocade solution enables service providers to capture and analyze subscriber data to quickly resolve quality of experience (QoE) issues on a scale unmatched in the industry. The xSIGHT TSS leverages the Brocade Network Packet Broker and Brocade Session Director to filter and deliver targeted subscriber traffic so only the data required is forwarded to TSS agent. The xSIGHT TSS provides subscriber packet captures to pinpoint the cause of subscriber service degradation.  The solution enables mobile operators to resolve customer experience problems in minutes, providing significant OPEX savings, while opening up opportunities for new services.


Viavia and Brocade solution


xSIGHT TSS, powered by Brocade Network Packet Broker, addresses the operational inefficiencies of legacy solutions by providing a single pane of glass workflow to provision targeted subscribers, gather trace files, and begin analysis in just a few minutes. The xSIGHT TSS solution utilizes an open API to the Brocade Session Director for real-time programming - less than1 ms.  This is unprecedented in the industry and is critical for a viable solution.  By reducing the average time spent gathering subscriber packet captures from six hours to minutes, xSIGHT TSS and Brocade Network Packet Broker can save mobile carriers tens of thousands of labor hours per year, enabling network operations resources to be redeployed to other critical tasks.


Already Delivering Results

As stated, this solution was built and is in production.  Here are some of key benefits of the solution:

  • Selectively capture enriched subscriber user plane packets on a hop by hop basis in a simple single ‘pane of glass’ workflow
  • Delivers subscriber user plane packet captures in minutes vs. hours for typical customer experience solutions
  • Saves thousands of hours of network operations time via subscriber enriched user plane capture automation – freeing up resources to be redeployed to more critical tasks
  • Filters out unnecessary data so only the desired subscribers’ data is kept and leveraged by the solution
  • Economical, scalable, dynamic, fast, and effective in providing enriched subscriber user plane content for analysis
  • Quickly and flexibly add or remove subscribers and their captured packets in compliance with privacy regulations


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