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Slow 7131

I recently acquired several 7131 Access Points. I seemed to have no problem setting them up but both have unaccepatbly low throughput. The max rates I get for both send and receive are around 1-2 Mbps, sometimes slower. Otherwise they seem to be working OK. Both behave the same.

I get the same results whether I use 2.4 or 5 GHz, and using several different computers to connect to the access point. I have even tried resetting to factory defaults with the same result.

Where should I be looking to resolve this issue? I would appreciate any advice.


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Re: Slow 7131

Hi john22.  The 7131 AP's are fairly robust, so if you are getting that low of numbers, I'm going to guess you probably have environmental interference.  Can I ask how many total APs you have and out of that total how many are experiencing this slow performance?  Did anyone conduct a site survey prior to their locations being chosen?  If you could provide as much details as to what was done prior to their placement, to their setup, firmware versions and how you determine the throughput that would be helpful.


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