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Nat-inside configuration on 7131


I tried to define a new Vlan (Vlan 2) for guest users on 7131. Then I enabled nat inside for Vlan 2. I suppose guest user's IP address should be translated to then the user could access to vlan 1.

Related configuration part is below:


ip access-list 1

permit ip any any rule-precedence 1


interface vlan1

  description Virtual\ Interface\ for\ LAN

  ip address

  no ip dhcp client request options all

  no ip nat

interface vlan2

  description GUEST

  ip address

  ip nat inside


ip nat inside source list 1 interface vlan2 address overload

But this configuration didn't work. Client which is in 10.0.0.x subnet can not access to 132.132.132.x subnet and internet. Do you have an idea how it works?

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