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Got Open Mobility? Three Ways It Does A Business Good.

by Rick Freedman on ‎09-18-2015 02:52 PM (6,077 Views)

Wireless technologies are moving at an incredible pace. Our homes and offices are filled with new devices weekly.  Not just smartphones, tablets and laptops, but more and more consumer devices like smartwatches.  The age of the Internet-of-Things is creeping into my house:  wireless sound systems, smart TVs, Xboxes and security cameras. And, all of this driven by Wi-Fi. How about yours?


The reason of this works is because of open standards.  The manufacturers of all these devices can’t possibly test them with every Wi-Fi network.  But, they know that if they adhere to published standards that their products will just work with other devices and across the network.


What does that mean for you? It means that you can choose the devices that provide the features that you want and like the best, rather than have to purchase them all from the same vendor.


The same is true for the networks.  Basic connectivity between network devices is based on standards and every network adheres to these.  Beyond that, there are differences, so you should choose the one that is best for you:  the wireless network and the wired network that best fit your company or institution’s requirements for capacity, performance, management, simplicity and scalability (ability to grow and adapt to your future requirements).  The beauty of this is that for networks as well as wireless devices, you can select the best-of-breed… for you.


Brocade has taken that perspective with their Open Mobility Solutions – allowing customers to choose what they want, not what a single manufacturer chooses for them.


Interoperability and Innovation

No one network solution is guaranteed to best address the needs of every organization. Most vendors are now focused on innovation and interoperability to drive advances and improve performance. As such, in today’s evolving IT environment you - as the trusted partner - can now access a broad range of flexible standards-based offerings to best meet your customers’ unique needs. 


To illustrate, Westmark School, an independent school for children with language-based learning differences, is one example of an organization that was able to appreciate the benefits of an interoperable environment. Westmark selected solutions from both Brocade and Aruba, which integrated seamlessly to provide them with the best of both worlds. The partnership between Brocade and Aruba solidified Westmark’s decision, ensuring the school that the vendors’ solutions would work well together to provide them with the technology they needed both immediately and further down the road.


Unlimited Scalability

Currently your customers are dealing with a completely new realm of challenges when it comes to scalability. Third platform technologies like cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things make it more difficult to predict network demand two or three years down the road - and wireless connectivity is a significant driver of this growth. So what options are available to help your customers deal with unpredictable wireless growth? As networks grow more complex, it is no longer feasible to rely on one vendor for complete scalability and variability. With ever changing wireless demands, the ability to scale is critical. Interoperability prevents organizations from having to rip and replace old systems just to gain necessary capacity.


Improved Cost Efficiency

And what if I told you that you could achieve these benefits while also generating cost savings for both you and your customers? Open mobility encourages the use of multivendor networks, which not only enable innovation, but also drive cost savings. Validating this point, Gartner’s study “Debunking the Myth of the Single Vendor Network,” found that introducing a second networking vendor reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for most organizations by at least 15 to 25 percent over a five-year period. With cutting costs a top priority for many organizations, selecting an open, multivendor network environment can help customers save valuable budget dollars. 


With this broad range of benefits, what are you waiting for? Working with Brocade, you already have access to the resources you need to innovate, scale and cut costs while also meeting your customers’ most challenging demands. Brocade’s Open Mobility Solutions allow, you, our valued partner to develop a strategy that best fits your customers’ individual needs. Your customers now have the comfort of knowing that their network supports technologies of the future and those that will be developed during the lifetime the network. Brocade’s Open Mobility Solutions meet customer expectations that a solution will operate seamlessly across multiple platforms and technologies, even as they evolve.


Brocade’s Open Mobility Solutions are just one example of the promise of open network solutions to ensure scalability for future growth all while cutting costs. Ready to learn more about Brocade Open Mobility Solutions and how you can benefit? I encourage you to visit: