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DHCP Options with AP7131's

I am installing about 50 AP7131's in our network and am curious whether anyone has had success setting various configuration options using the scope options within DHCP?  I can manually configure these but it would be a lot easier if I could do it all through the DHCP scope.

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Re: DHCP Options with AP7131's

You should be able to get away with the following if they are on a Layer2 network with an interface of the controller.

   option 190 ascii
   option 192 ascii 1
   option 189 ip
From Memmory, 189 = controller IP (ip)  192 = auto discovery (go connect to the controller) (ascii) 190 = the FQDN of the controller. (ascii)

That should be enought to get them to phone home to a controller en mass.


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Re: DHCP Options with AP7131's

Excellent - thanks.  Until I added the FQDN in the DHCP scope options, it didn't work but as soon as I did that away it went.  Now all I need to figure out is how to set the default ethernet connection on the AP to tagged when the AP downloads its configuration from the controller.  I have all of my mac-authentication working and the dual mode switch ports but I still have to go back into the configuration of the AP when it attaches to the controller and reset the default VLAN to tagged before I can caryy multiple VLAN's on the AP.

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