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Can the RFS4000 manage Mobility 7131 APs?


I get conflicting information.  Can the RFS 4000 WLC control Mobility 7131 APs?  I thought it could, but then I ran into this doc that mentions only 6000 and 7000:


Thank you.


- Ben

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Re: Can the RFS4000 manage Mobility 7131 APs?

Greetings Ben,


I suspect the 7131 Install guide you are reference was released before the RFS 4000 controller came out some time later, but either way I wouldn't worry too much about that as the RFS 4000 does support 7131 APs.  


This comes from the RFS 4000 Datasheet:


Access Points (APs)
Supports adoption of 36 Brocade Mobility 802.11a/b/g/n/ac APs per controller; supports radio frequency ACS; TPC management; country code-based RF configuration


Hope that helps.


Mike Eversole
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