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Can a 7131 AP be used in a warehouse?

Can a 7131 AP be used in a warehouse?

I have a warehouse with dimensions of 500ft by 600ft. The ceilings are 25ft high with exposed metal beams.

The warehouse will be filled with metal shelves and very dense items such as large metal parts.

What are my options? I have read the antenna guide, but can't determine the correct antenna options. The Facade antenna apparently cannot be mounted higher than 10ft.

I'd like to hear from someone whom has done such a project and can provide me their AP/antenna placement locations.

Also, the 7131 only has two screws for mounting . This will eventually fall off a ceiling over time, as it just slides onto the screws.

Thanks in advance.

Todd Murray

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Re: Can a 7131 AP be used in a warehouse?

We did a site survey once with a couple of 7131's in a warehouse of similar size that had nothing but plumbing supplies, and I'm not talking PVC and toilets; lots of steel.  We determined that one AP in the center of the room would cover it.  But for resiliency we decided to do two AP's.  I agree on the lack of mounting options for the 7131 on a beam, but would recommend finding a way to get it to be mounted vertically and use external antennas.  As most things in a warehouse, consider bailing wire and duct tape. 
That's my $0.02.

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