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Brocade RF S4000 and BR650's - Optimal RF min/max output settings

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Hello gurus,


First let me preface my question by saying that I know that the APs can monitor and adjust their own output power. I have the RF Domain set up to do just that. However, my question is more to the hardware and its tolerances. If I set the BR650's at a max of, say, 20 in the Smart RF settings, and in some areas they max-out regularly due to being installed in a mixed hardware environment and not being able to read/scan their neighbors, how much will this effect the longevity of the hardware?

The situation:

I work for a small yet successful firm who's wireless infrastructure is, shall we say, a bit antiquated by today's standards. That's a generous assesment, I assure you. Presently, we have been running with approximately 28 self-controlled APs scattered around our campus and have just recently invested in new Brocade gear, a RF S4000 controller and 14 BR650 APs. Instead of simply shotgunning all of the new APs into the mix, we are replacing 2-3 a week at first in order to be able to measure the viability of the two system to be able to work with each other in harmony and to tweak things as we go if needed.

As we only got the equipent dropped off to us two days ago, and being the only IT Technician, I have only put up two of the new 650s and have been monitoring their performance. I have them set at the moment at a constant minimum RF output of 8 and a max of 18. In the times when I have had a few minutes to monitor their performance, both APs have spent a lot of time at the max settings for what I assume are the reasons that I outlined above. Personally, I'd like to set their max output flat-out at 20 in order to give each AP a good amount of headroom for when the others are finally installed throughout the plant and they are able to talk to each other. However, I don't want to shorten the lifespan of the hardware.

So, what are the typical optimal min/max settings that are suggested for this hardware?

Thanks in advance,

~ Patrick

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