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Brocade BigIron RX8 Shows invalid module

Please I will appreciate your assistance with an issue with a Brocade Big iron RX8 switch.

The switch has not been in use for quite some time. It was recently powered up with modules inserted. After booting, a 24 port 1G SFP module was not passing traffic. A check from the console with "show modules" command indicates invalid module in the slot. It also shows that the slot was configured for another module. We have two of this 24port 1G SFP modules. I tried both on other slots on the switch but the result was the same. 

Is there any command required to manually configure each slot for specific module for the module to work on the switch?

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Re: Brocade BigIron RX8 Shows invalid module



due Acquisition IP switches are not longer supported by Brocade.


I've moved the Threads to


including ICX & Ruckus Wireless Ruckus:




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