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Registered: ‎02-27-2015

Brocade BR7131 + Motorola RFS7000

Good afternoon, everybody. Could you help me with my problem.

Motorola RFS 7000 cant adopt  the access point Brocade BR7131. Access point has a factory setting. For the Control port (Adaptive AP setting tab) setting is the same as in RFS 7000. However, the access point does not appear in Unadotded AP list in RFS.

All settings are made on the documentation for AP adoption.

Brocade 7131 Firmware -
RFS7000 Formware -


in RFS7000 logs i have these messages:

  • Feb 27 04:50:09 RFS7000 CC: CW_Get_AP_Info()-5748: Unsupported Model BR7131   27/02 12:45:55.887   
  • Feb 27 04:50:12 RFS7000 CC: CW_Rx_Discovery()-6179: rx Discovery Request from AP 00-24-38-F5-56-8C    27/02 12:45:58.887   
  • Feb 27 04:50:12 RFS7000 CC: img: unable to find image for AP model BR7131   27/02 12:45:58.903   

Thanks for your reply.

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