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AP7131 poor radio signal


I have configured out AP7131, and it placed in a central location for all users to connect to. However, the signal quality on the radio antenna sucks! Any suggestions, thoughts or advice?

I also attempted to use a couple of Linksys WRT54GL's with dd-wrt as bridge repeaters to help us out here but the results are the still the same. The signal quality degrades from 54Mbps quickly over to 11Mbps, and then finally drops off dead...


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Re: AP7131 poor radio signal


     This is a triband AP.  Are the clients that are connecting on a/n or b/g?  How far away are the clients? How many AP's? are they any other wireless network around?

     Remember that the AP can put out a strong single but if the client is too far away then speed will drop fast.

e.g. AP put out strong signle, client see it, but cannot send (as the areil in the client is too weak) so lowers the speed.

That is one possiblity

Have you check to see if any other AP are using the same channel?

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