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AP-7131 v5.2, other firmware not recognized

Upgraded 7131 firmware from 3.2 to 5.2 that a support tech sent me, hoping to get Mesh networking. 5.2 didn't have mesh networking apparently, so am now trying to upgrade to 5.4. However, when trying to upgrade, I get the error:

Firmware upgrade failed: Update error:  Bad image header, Invalid image file

So, I tried again, using http instead of ftp. Same error. Tried downgrading to 4.0 or 3.2. Same error. I tried to upgrade using the exact same 5.2 file I upgraded with earlier. Same error. It appears 5.2 has a problem with changing firmware. How do I get around this and change firmwares?

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Re: AP-7131 v5.2, other firmware not recognized

I am having the exact same problem.  5.2.13 refuses to update firmware.  All update attemps via any method fail with "Firmware upgrade failed: Update error:  Bad image header, Invalid image file" via the web interface (console: %FWU-3-FWUCORRUPTEDFILE: Firmware update unsuccessful, corrupted firmware file).


Any progress made on this?

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