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8.0.01bT201 ip default-gateway does not work if pointed to vrrp address



We have two core switches in our network doing layer 3, and they run VRRP between them.  The VRRP address is the default gateway for every vlan with ip forwarding enabled.  It works without a problem in our entire network except for the management of two Brocade TurboIron Ti24x switches.


I tried to log into the switches today from my IT workstation and I could not.  Perplexed I checked our cacti bandwidth monitoring system, and SNMP was working fine.  The difference is that cacti is on the same subnet as the switches.  So I SSH into the server and then SSH into the brocades and saw the default gateway was correct,  However since we changed our single core to dual cores and migraded that IP address to VRRP, it no longer works.  I had to change the default gateway to point directly to one of our core switch stacks,, and for our other brocade turbo iron I set that one to the opposite core switch stack, (so at least one switch can be managed if a core goes down).


Does anyone know why this is?  When ip default-gateway is set, pings and traceroutes outside of the subnet fail.


I have not seen any other device behave this way.

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Re: 8.0.01bT201 ip default-gateway does not work if pointed to vrrp address



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