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7131 v5.5 - deployment / scenario walk-through docs?

not able to find documentation regarding setup for particular scenarios ... I've downloaded the reference guide for my firmware and also the product reference guide for the 7131-FGR (which I don't think is my particular model but close enough)

these docs are thorough and easy to understand BUT don't tell me what I need to do to create a particular config via GUI. For example: I was stumped today trying to associate DHCP server service within the AP to a WLAN. I made the mistake of choosing advanced instead of the setup wizard after initial startup (which I cannot seem to get back to) so now I'm "on my own".


The docs I have explain what A and B mean but not how they work together or how to tie them together ...

does Brocade have anything like scenario deployment guides like Cisco does? This is my first foray into Brocade devices.


Thanks in advance! 

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