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migrating from 12.4.x to 14.x.x or 14.x.x to any other version of 14

After fighting for several weeks trying to upgrade and migrage from BNA 12.4.3 to 14.0.3 an interim step to ulitmately get to 14.4.1.  I found out from Broacde the documented steps are incorrect.  You DO NOT want to do a "partial uninstall" of the version you are currently on.  The correct procedure is to shutdown your currentl version, run the install for the next version you are going to, and the install will do the "partial install" and migration for you.  Know this a few weeks ago would have saved me hours of work.  I hope this hint will help someone who is struggling to upgrade from version 12 to 14.  Another great hint I picked up is if you have already installed a version and failed you can re-try by going into the new version and running the "configwizard", it will hand hold you thru the install and migrate.  Just remember not to uninstall the version you are migrating from.  BTW the easiest path from 12.4.3 the version I was on to 14.4.1, is 12.4.3 to 14.0.3, then 14.2.2 then 14.4.1...

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