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memory alert


I have received alert from DFCM that "Total memory usage 92.86% is more than configured threshold 90.00%".

What that exactly want to say?

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Re: memory alert

I believe this is a new feature in DCFM, native /df command in FOS

log as root, and try /df

what is the percentage of available space ?

post the result here.

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Re: memory alert

Hi Boon,

I think that this a is DCFM message which reports the current DCFM server memory usage. You can change this under Server Options menu?

Hope this helps,


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Re: memory alert


We recently upgraded to DCFM 10.4.1 (from 10.3.2 if I remember right). We never had these memory usage messages before and have had several since the upgrade.

As Andreas suggests, the memory allocation can be changed in the Server -> Options menu -> Software configuration -> Memory allocation page. However, I just tried this. The "Server Memory Allocation" was at 768 MB. I upped this to 1024 and restarted DCFM. The memory allocation was indeed increased but unfortunately the memory used ("current value") followed also. So the percentage use has not decreased.

I think the question that now needs to be answered (by Brocade?) is how much memory is required (suggested?) for each of the SAN sizes supported by DCFM.


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