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Registered: ‎03-10-2010

fabos download + upgrade

hello, all, can you please indicate me where i can download the newest versions of FOS for brocade 300 in the brocade web site?

when i check in donwload tab, i don't find nothing.

thank in davance

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Registered: ‎04-09-2008

Re: fabos download + upgrade

1. Ask your OEM (HDS, IBM, HP, EMC) to provide you their recommended firmware

2. Or you could download it from the IBM-Brocade portal.

This link has been posted here several times now.!ut/p/c0/ZU5BboMwEPxKcug1hpKEXGkQCVLVVKKNCpdqwdvUirEt40Do62vAkVJV9mF3ZnZmSEHsE9CyExgmBXDyQYr151MSHYNlEPi7TRp6aRbu3vf-_tHbrEhOivCOX6bxwD_HxzgJPH9F3gbHStYKRJ_SQU4KKjvBJdBUfMkJMVAyR-JVSW229oIzEBVOaCMvusJXOLkdLxw...

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