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brocade network advisor invaild login default user

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Hello all,


I am getting an alert about 6 times a day from brocade network advisor. The alert is stating that some process on the BNA server is tring to login to the BNA application with the user name default. There is no user default, so it can't log in. Anyone seen this before? Where is this coming from? The client IP in this message is the IP on the BNA server.


Event: Server authentication (Client, Authentication Method:Radius Server/Local Database, User Id:default, Status:Failure).


Thanks everyone.

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Re: brocade network advisor invaild login default user

I think I have solved the issue, but I am not sure why it was reacting this way. I went into SMC and edited the SMI agent to look like this. And I am no longer receiving the error. What does IBM Network Advisor Authentication try to do? It was set to on by default. I have another server set to default and it doesn't have this error message issue.brocade screen shot.png

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