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Web Tools very slow? What Java should I use?


We have 2 M48 directors and a couple of blade switches that connects into 2 seperate fabrics. I connect to my storage management server to work on this machines. The webtools are so slow and I tried it on another server with the same results, i must add that the 2 servers had the same java. Can this be the problem?

What Java do you recommend?  I've got 6 and 5.


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Re: Web Tools very slow? What Java should I use?

According to the Web Tools Admin Guide, you should be running Java Plug-in 1.6.0_24 or later.

That said, I'm currently having issues with that version of JRE, and FOS 7.0.0, so I would say that the version of Java may not be your issue.

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Re: Web Tools very slow? What Java should I use?

Seen this one occur for many reasons try some of these corrections that have helped in the past:

Clear all Java history through control panel

Unistall all versions of Java then connect to the switches and let it install the one it wants

Updata Jave to latest version

Remove all other Java runtime versions

These are some that have helped in past but are no guarantee

Other things I would look at also is one you network to ensure that you are operating in full duplex mode at the Brocade SAN Switch TCP/IP setting, at the ethernet switch and on your server. This has been seen more than once also.

Hope these help

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