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San Network Advisor 11.1.4 element manager cannot be launched


One of my customers has SNA 11.1.4 installed and it is configured so that 2 Fabrics are discovered. Each fabric has 4 switches, the oldest switch is a Brocade 3900 switch with firmware v5.3.2c, when the customer launches an element manager on this switch it opens without issue.

On the other 3 switches the element managers cannot be launched.

The other switches are a brocade 300 (firmware 7.1.0a), brocade 4100 (firwmare v6.4.3d) and a brocade 5100 (firmware v7.1.0a) switches.

When trying to launch an element manager I always get the following message:


I already did troubleshooting on the network side, but I can ping the switches without problem and connections are not lost.

When I open the switch administration through a web browser (from the SNA server) then everything works fine also. At first I thought that discovery was still in progress, but the switches are configured in San Network Adivsor for a few weeks now.

I compared settings between the working switches and the switches where launching of the element managers is not working, but I can not seem to find a difference.

Anyone experienced this problem or an idea for a solution?

PS: I'm fairly new to San Network Advisor.



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