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SNMP monitoring

Hi, a newbie searching for help...

Is the Fabric Watch feature a must when monitoring switche's performance/health?? The idea would be to monitor switch via SNMP traps with Argent  software. Monitoring would mainly focus on the switche's critical health messages.

As I said, I'm kinda new with this stuff, and all the MIBs and OIDs seem a bit confusing ... . Soo, any useful advice/links/guides about the subject is welcome.

Thanks in advance...

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Re: SNMP monitoring


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Re: SNMP monitoring

Does this mean that no snmp polling is possible for Brocade switches? Therefore the only way to monitor and alert the customer is to have Fabric Watch to manage all the brocade switches?

Any documents that we can refer to? Thanks.

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Re: SNMP monitoring

Fabric watch is a licensed feature which let you monitor performance and status on a switch.

Things like fabric events, switch/port status and performance are included in that license.

Thats said the license is not necessary, as far as I know, when it comes to SNMP polling.

Get yourself a decent MIB browser ( i like the one from iReasoning) and MIB's for your FOS level and just try

if you are able to get some reading from deffering OID's.

If that works you can look at tools like Cacti (which I use) Nagios or other tools you might be comfortable with.

If your looking for Brocade tools to capture data, you can take a look aan DCFM (which is free in the simplest edition, maybe that will not be enough for your environment but at least you can take it for a test drive.) or SANHeatlh (which is free and gathers data for a set time frame and you have to send the data to Brocade)

Hope this helped

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Re: SNMP monitoring

Hi Dion,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated. Thanks.

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