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Registered: ‎03-31-2011

SMIS-S Agent problems

Recently I had to implement more strict settings on the SAN switches (HTTS vs HTTP connections).  When it was just HTTP I was able to discover the old switches with the SMI-S agent.  When I implemented the new secure settings on the new switches and moved the connections over, I made HTTS by default but not matter what I try I cannot get the switches to be discovered and monitored by the SMI-S agent anymore.

Is there something OTHER than the HTTS settings that need to be configured on the switch for this to work correctly?  Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer to this question!

SMI-S Agent is 120.11.0

Old Switch: Brocade 5000

New Switch: Brocade 5100

FOS: 7.0.1

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Posts: 19
Registered: ‎03-31-2011

Re: SMIS-S Agent problems

BTW:  Error is:

"Error authenticating session"

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Re: SMIS-S Agent problems

I am facing the same problem. on FOS i am getting error  "Error authenticating session" and on FOS 6.4.x different error "Lgoin Failed"

Can anybody help?

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