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SMI Agent "Login Failed"

I upgraded my Brocade SMI Agent Configuration Tool to 120.10.0. I uninstalled 120.8 and did a fresh install of 120.10.0. When I enter the Proxy information for my DCX I get login Failed. I can open a web page and login from the same server and successfully log into the switch using the root and admin accounts. Neither user will login thru the SMI Agent. The user and Installation guide show a chart of login errors but all I can find is the dos window that states the "Return Code is 6" and the pop up window stating "Operation Failed. Error authenticating session".

This seems to be the case on several switches.

Any direction or help is very much appreciated.


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Re: SMI Agent "Login Failed"

I am having the same issue, tried to install on a different server with teh same issue:

The configuration screen pops up "Error Authenticating session" and the CMD screen displays error 6.

Tried to bind the IP address which then takes 10 Min. for the service to start.

Single NIC configured, rout configured.

There must be a way to identify what is blocking me from adding switches.

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Re: SMI Agent "Login Failed"

Hi, I´m facing the same problem, but the only possible solution to this problem according to brocade is to reboot the switches, (max 20 RPC connections allowed), I integrated the smi agent 120.10.0 with hp storage essentials 6.2.1,  everything was OK two weeks ago, but suddenly the agent was not able to contact the switch, and it's not possible to reboot the switch as brocade suggest,

brocade must include a command in the FOS or give an option to release the idle rpc connections, it can´t be possible to reboot a production switch only to recover rpc connections.

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