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Path Monitoring on ESX Servers

All you VM Gurus out there, I have a requirement to check the health of FC paths on each of the LUNs in a ESX server with hundreds of LUNs. I have many ESX clusters with many nodes. I need to do this health check pre and post every SAN change I perform. Now at the moment we do this manually by going through every single ESX server and every single LUN. This is very much time and resource intensive which we cannot afford to do.

What Im after is some tool that runs on the VC perhaps that I can do this job in few clicks. Appreciate if you can share your experiance in this area.



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Re: Path Monitoring on ESX Servers

Hello Max,

I think you should post this question on the VM site. Because you are asking for ESX commands.

You will be able to find with google some links which will help you:

I hope this helps. Please mark this thread if it was helpful.


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Re: Path Monitoring on ESX Servers

Full disclosure: I work for NetApp

NetApp's SANscreen product can do this - it can throw violations when paths break, are not redundant, etc.

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