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OID for monitoring CPU/Uptime by SNMP Protocol in Switch


in Specificaction MIBs for Fabric OS 5.3/6.X don't exist (or don't find) OID for monitoring CPU/Uptime. ¿ Is posible modification snmp daemon in fabric OS for create private OID that execute uptime command in Switch ?

Does Someone Know specifict cacti template for monitoring CPU in fabric OS ?


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Re: OID for monitoring CPU/Uptime by SNMP Protocol in Switch

Its been long since I worked on MIB's and related development, but lemme give it a try

Check out these OIDs in the MIB reference guide.

Description The time (in hundredths of a second) since the network management portion of the
system was last re-initialized.

or you could use some programming it to derive it from this OID - I feel this would be the right approach.

Description The date and time when the system last booted.
Note: The return string is displayed using the following format:
ddd MMM DD hh:mm:ss yyyy
ddd = Day
MMM = Month
DD = Date
hh = Hour
mm = Minute
ss = Seconds
yyyy = Year
Thu Aug 17 15:16:09 2002

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