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Network Advisor scheduled export

Is there a way to schedule the export of configs to txt file? From the Configuration Repository, you can export manually, but I would to schedule it to run repeatedly.

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Re: Network Advisor scheduled export

Hello Sam,

did you have check the content of the table 568 called SWITCH_CONFIG? This may be contains the data of interest.

My idea is to run a scheduled job which connects to the BNA db and run a select command on this table to gather the data.

The result can be store in a text file.

Currently I have not check if the table fully contains the data you are looking for but you can run a test and check it.



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Re: Network Advisor scheduled export

Thanks Andreas, that got me headed in the right direction.

Mostly, I wanted to export the config of IP devices. It seems their config is stored in a different detail (cfg_backup_archive).

I looked at extracting our SAN configs from switch_config, but the data in the config_data column seems to be encrypted.

I guess that's what we get when Brocade mash a couple of different products together; inconsistency.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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