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Failed to connect to CIM Server

Good afternoon.


There Adapter Brocade 825. He is now Qlogic BR-825
Adapter is installed on the server VMWare 5.5. Update software. It used to be
brcdprovider_esx55                              Brocade VMwareAccepted 2014-06-03
brocade-esx55-bcu-plugin               Brocade PartnerSupported 2014-05-30
hostprofile-bfaConfig Brocade VMwareAccepted 2014-05-30
scsi-bfa          Brocade VMwareCertified 2014-05-30


After the software update

brcdprovider_esx55                             QLogic VMwareAccepted 2015-09-17
brocade-esx55-bcu-plugin               QLogic PartnerSupported 2015-09-16
hostprofile-bfaConfig QLogic VMwareAccepted 2015-09-17
scsi-bfa          QLogic VMwareCertified 2015-09-16


Before using HCM I could connect to the adapter, and now I get an error

Failed to connect to CIM Server
Settings made under this Article (

but there is no result.

Tell me how to fix the problem

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