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Facing issue during BNA installation - There is no Switch


I'm on a 2008 R2 server.

After installing the 11.1.1 BNA, the wizard configuration start.

when I get on the internal or external FTP Server tab.

I get the error below :

     * There is no switch - Server IP Configuration adress available. The wizard will quit now and the configuration closed.


Somebody has already met this problem ?
If yes it is possible to help me please.

Thank you






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Re: Facing issue during BNA installation - There is no Switch

A couple of things:


1/ 11.1.1 is quite old. Is there a reason you're using such an old version? 12.4.2 is the current version, and I strongly recommend using that instead.


2/ Is your Windows 2008 R2 server connected to the network? BNA is looking for a valid IP address that will be used when communicating to/from the switches - for example, the IP a switch will use for a TFTP server when it is uploading its backup configuration file. Does your server have a network connection, connected to the network, with a valid IP address?

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