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Fabric Watch Configuration


We bought Fabric Watch licenses recently and installed on DCX7500 and DS4900/24000 switches.I am trying to configure fabric watch, could you please guide me with the best practices and setup to be done. I am reading the Admin Guide but it seems it has too many features and confusing me with the basic configuration.

Do you have a best practice guide or step by step guide? The fabric is a Edge-Core environment

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Fabric Watch Configuration

The basic configuration works fine. Configure call home for your switches using FM/DCFM, this will trigger alerts to your email id and maybe you can divert this to your service management software for automated incident management.

A default Fabric Watch configuration is available for the purpose of saving setup time. As you gain familiarity with Advanced Fabric Watch features, they can be tailored to suit the fabric environment. The custom settings available in Fabric Watch provide an advanced user much needed flexibility of redefining boundary thresholds and alarm notification methods. The basic concept of Fabric Watch is to monitor the health of an element by sampling the status, comparing the sample data, and if found outside the threshold limits to notify the user of the event using one or more selected methods.

Read the Basic Fabric Watch Configuration Guidelines within the FW admin guide for basic guidelines.


Biju Krishnan




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Re: Fabric Watch Configuration

If you are new to Brocade, you can do it through GUI, if you have FM/DCFM.Otherwise you can use webtool. type ur sw IP in the IE. and go to fabric watch , click there and you will get options. Alertr Notification, threshhold configuration and E-Mail configuration.Install the license also.It will be easy through webtools. you can add FW license through CLI:licenseadd

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Re: Fabric Watch Configuration

Thanks Hemant !

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Re: Fabric Watch Configuration

Hello All

I am trying to configure Fabric Watch in my environment . I have configured the Threshold for Ports/Env/SFP etc classes and configured the SMTP server using fwmailcfg for all classes . I am able to send the Test email and its working fine but I am not receiving any alerts . Please let me know what I am missing .

Thanks in advance !!!




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