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EFCM zoning question

I would like to know the pros and cons of global vs local zoning using EFCM. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.


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Re: EFCM zoning question


sorry please my ignorance, but can you explain me what it is:

....pros and cons vs local zoning....


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Re: EFCM zoning question

Local zoning in efcm is a library per fabric, while global zoning libraries hold all zones for all fabrics managed by efcm. Depending on your usage there are different reasons to use either. In a several thousand port sans it may be easier to see what zones are in effect with local zoning...I.E. you only see that fabric not zones associated with any other. On the other hand it may be nice to see the second fabric in a pair to copy and rename zones for each side. personal preference as far as your usage.

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Re: EFCM zoning question

We get problems with the local zoning configuration after the change of the principal switch in a fabric. So we only use the global zoning configuration.

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