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DCFM Reporting

DCFM has limited reporting and what is produced is only PDF or XML. I'd like to extract data into excel or CSV format so I can stop making a second manual copy of my fabric management details. I've been able to get an ODBC connection to the database but there's no documentation on the schema so I'm limited in what I can do with the data.

Has anyone else tackled reporting or do you know of another product that can provide reports from DCFM.

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Re: DCFM Reporting


In the DCFM 10.4  Enterprise Manual appendix D you can find the database schema.

I hope this helps.

Regards Andreas

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Re: DCFM Reporting

Hi Brian,

Would be more than interested to know how you got this odbc connection.

Can you explain, either here or by email ?



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Re: DCFM Reporting

Getting access to the database was pretty simple, just some creative guessing for about 10 seconds

Setup an odbc connection on my dcfm server

username     guest

password     password

server          dcfmdb

did a test connection and it worked. I then opened the odbc inside an access database. There's lots of tables and no database map so there's no obvious way to join tables together. alot of the tables had duplicate data so I don't really know what's a master and how it gets populated.

I can't believe that nobody has developed any reporting for this database. It contains tons of useful information and no way to export it to CSV.

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Re: DCFM Reporting


What odbc configurations should i use when connecting through my windows xp-ms office 2003 pc?

ODBC Driver?  Should it  be sql server, or mybe OpenLinkg Lite for sql server and sybase?

  Port number and so on, i am having problems connecting.



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Re: DCFM Reporting

What I did was to install DCFM on my laptop which installed all the correct ODBC drivers. I just guessed at the rest of the information until I got a working connection. I think I was able to uninstall DCFM after I had everything setup. It was awhile ago so I don't remember.

Unfortunately while I was able to use Access to get a dump of the database tables there's no documentation of the database structure so you have no idea what tables link to what other tables and when the same field name appears in multiple places which one is the correct one. I wasn't able to figure out anything useful to help me out.

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Re: DCFM Reporting


I just read this post, because I was looking for the same

In the install package of DCFM 10.4.5 I found the ODBC driver at dcfm1045_ent_ibm_windows\odbc\Windows

installed, it came up with below picture for configuration, I entered port number 2638, user/password and offcourse IP of my DCFM server, and I got a ODBC like with DSN name DCFM

Copy of odbc_link.JPG


Christian Sonder

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