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Registered: ‎02-23-2010

DCFM - Report port index rather than the port name/alias


When we receive alert email from DCFM. It report the Port index rather than the port name.

I've hard coded the name on the port in DCFM -> Configure -> Names. And also, I've setup Host Port Mapping

in DCFM -> Discover -> Host Port Mapping.

DCFM still report me the porint index in the mail.


Data Center Fabric Manager Version: 10.4.0 Data Center Fabric Manager Build: 209 Data Center Fabric Manager Server Address: 172.*.*.*

Date: Thu Oct 07 14:10:32 CST 2010

Event: Switch status change contributing factor Marginal ports: 1 marginal ports. (Port(s) 309(0x135))

Severity: Warning

Anybody has idea what should I do to make it report me the name of the port?

Thanks in advance.


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