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DCFM Questions

Hello Experts,

I have a question on DCFM, I am using this version 10.4.5 and I have installed it on one of my Remote Management Server and accessing my Directors. I would like to install the DCFM Client on my workstation so that I can access the Directors from anywhere without logging into my Remote Management Server.

Can you please guide me on how to go about it. Should I look for any specific ports that needs to be opened at the Firewall level ?


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Re: DCFM Questions

The client will install it self because it is java stuff. You have only run http://servername_or_ip

URL in your browser. then you get a link to start the client.

Please find the ports for the firewalls in the pics.

You can find them in the user manual.

Important are the ports 24600-24615 if they are not open you can not login into DCFM. You will get a message like "server not available".

I hope this helps. Please mark the thread if this answers your questions.



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