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DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 installation issues

Hello everyone,

I have recently installed DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 on a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server which runs on Vmware ESX 4.0 Update 1. I had no problems during installation and configuration. But i have a hardtime to get things running.

There is an error message on the Login window which says "Server not available at port 24600" and when i run the management console i see that services are stopped. When i try to start the services i get an error message which says "DCFMdbservice does not exist". I found some .bat (like dbsvc.bat, service.bat etc.) files in the installation folders and ran some of them to install the services. Now i can see the Web, FTP and Main servers are started but the Database Server can not be. And although the main server seems started i still get the message "Server not available at port 24600".

Since this is not well documented in the migration&installation manual i do not know what is missing.

Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 installation issues

Only ESX 3.5 is supported. 4.0 is not supported.

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Re: DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 installation issues

I have tried the same installation on my desktop (Windows XP) and the exact same thing happened. The services are not installed and i had to install and start them manually. And since there is no documentation related, i can not be sure if something is missing or incorrect.

I suppose this problem is not related to the version of vmware.

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Re: DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 installation issues

It uses RMI ports in default 24600 til 24620 besides http/https (at least i got same error when some fw rules were "sabotaged") but if you tried to install it on local machine, both server and GUI then probably its not the case

DCFM 10.3.3/CentOS on VSphere 4



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Re: DCFM Enterprise 10.1.3 installation issues

Hi you should change the "Server IP Configuration" default "all" to the DCFM Server IP-address (San,Option,..) on the DCFM-Server and restart the server. Now you can connect from other subnets with the web-client over 24600 ... ports.

DCFM 10.3.3 on Windows Server SP2, Web Client on XP, Windows Server 2003



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