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DCFM : Add a call Center

Good evening,

I have recently installed DCFM (latest version), running under linux.

I need to create a call center so that alerts are sent to my vendor (EMC2), and can not find a way to do it.

Any tip ?



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Re: DCFM : Add a call Center

Hello Oliver,

in the DCFM Enterprise Manual you can see some limitations on Call home:

Call Home supports multiple call home centers which allows you to configure different devices to contact different call home centers. When you make any call home configuration changes or a call home event trigger occurs, the Management application generates an entry to the Master Log.

You can configure Call Home for the following call home centers:

•     Brocade E-mail (Windows, Linux, and Solaris)

•     Brocade International (Windows only)

•     Brocade North America (Windows only)

•     EMC (Windows only)

•     HP LAN (Windows only)

•     IBM (Windows only)

•     IBM E-mail (Windows, Linux, and Solaris)

•     SUN E-mail (Windows, Linux, and Solaris)

This was taken from the IBM branded DCFM Enterprise manual.


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Re: DCFM : Add a call Center


Did you get this resolved?

I am having the same issue trying to get to HP LAN call center.

any advice wouls be appricated.


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