Mainframe Solutions

So, the truth is, the old mainframe way of doing things that I grew up with back in the 1960’s and 1970’s is gone. The mainframe back then was a monolithic approach to computing. Within a few decades it became a dinosaur – a large and efficient dinosaur – but a dinosaur nonetheless. It became slow moving in a faster and faster paced world. Users wanted, and needed, new applications and application updates at a rapid pace while the mainframe programming staffs seemed to move at glacial speed. As a direct result of this disconnect between expanding user’s needs and the inability of the centralized computer system to respond appropriately, the users looked for new ways to fulfill their needs. And off they went to decentralized processing and direct control of their computing resources. Over time, the terminal result was that computer platform competition was reducing the mainframe’s feeding ground to the point that by the latter part of the twentieth century it was headed for extinction. But then, rather than succumbing to obsolescence it reinvented itself and evolved into the magnificent machine that it has become today. In the end the twentieth century “computer wars” made the mainframe supremely powerful, more agile and incredibly more capable. Let's see why.


We are excited to announce that the vADC, vRouter, vEPC and SDN Controller Acquisitions from Brocade are complete!
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